Stern Background Quiz

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  1. The mask-like flatness and two dimensionality of some of the figures in The Hunt shows the influence of which famous painting?1
  2. Irma Stern’s mentor Max Pechstein was from which art movement.1
  3. During the World War 1, Where was Irma Stern?1
  4. Irma Stern also made use in ‘The Hunt’ of juxtapositioning of contrasting complementary colours. Give an example of this use in the painting.1
  5. Irma Stern’s use of arbitrary (non-realistic) colour in the figures in the foreground shows the influence of which famous European artwork?1
  6. Irma Stern had an idealized, romantic view of Africa as a ‘Paradise.’1
  7. What element did Irma Stern use in ‘The Hunt’ that show the influence of German Expressionism ?1
  8. In their search for an African identity, many artists turned to African and/or other indigenous art forms for inspiration, not only for their use of images, but also for stylistic innovation. choose which statement best describes how Irma Stern affirmed her identity.1
  9. The perspective is distorted in The Hunt, choose an example.1
  10. Although the perspective in ‘The Hunt’ is distorted there is a sense of aerial perspective.1
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